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Medical / Cosmetics


As the population ages and living standards improve, the medical device industry is growing rapidly.

Recently, smart patch technology development is being advanced using stable batteries and drug delivery systems.

Medical devices directly impact patients' lives; therefore, the rapid replacement or malfunction of batteries can be extremely risky.

For this reason, lithium primary batteries, which offer higher safety and reliability than regular household batteries, are being applied.

Lithium primary batteries are used in various medical devices that demand superior safety and reliability. Some key applications include Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs), Insulin Pumps, medical patches, and wearable devices.

Cosmetics Cosmetics

As the prevalence of lifestyle-related diseases increases, the wearable biosensing diagnostic device market is growing, and it continues to integrate the latest technology trends into the fields of healthcare and beauty, leading to the emergence of new concepts in the beauty and medical sectors.

Moreover, various beauty products are being developed based on smart drug delivery systems, and their growth is remarkable.

VITZROCELL's Thin Film Battery (TFB) utilizes microcurrent to promote the penetration of drugs and other substances into the skin, ensuring excellent stability as an eco-friendly product. VITZROCELL is pioneering new markets by applying battery technology to next-generation medical and beauty devices such as smart mask packs, smart patches, and wearable devices.

  • Smart patches
  • Medical / Cosmetics patches
  • Medical devices (ECG monitors, insulin injectors, etc.)
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Mask packs / Wearable devices
  • Produced in various sizes and shapes
  • Environmentally friendly equipment
  • Disposable equipment
  • Suitable for low-current devices
  • Thin and flexible form