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Military & Security

DEFENSE SYSTEM Military System

VITZROCELL's lightweight and compact batteries have earned recognition for their exceptional reliability and performance in military applications, ranging from military communication equipment to metal and chemical detectors, as well as optical devices.

With over 20 years of field validation, VITZROCELL's military batteries boast longevity, cost-effectiveness, compact and lightweight design, efficiency, and reliability. They meet stringent military performance requirements, delivering excellent results in various military applications.

SMART WEAPONS Smart Weaponry
(Thermal Battery)

VITZROCELL has developed thermal batteries used in guided missiles, decoy systems, torpedoes, and other weapon systems, and is currently exporting them to many countries and domestic and overseas defense companies.

VITZROCELL's thermal batteries are one-time use batteries, and they remain completely inactive until activated, taking only 0.1 seconds to be ready for operation. This allows them to be used immediately whenever needed.

With an extremely low self-discharge rate, they can be stored for over 15 years without maintenance.

Their wide operating temperature range enables them to function in harsh climatic and mechanical environments.

Moreover, they are highly stable and not affected by sudden shocks or rapid changes in pressure.

SMART WEAPONS Smart Weaponry
(Ampoule Battery)

VITZROCELL has been developing and producing ampoule batteries as power sources for smart ammunition.

The electrolyte of the ampoule battery is stored in a separate ampoule within the battery in an inactive state during manufacturing.

When power is needed, applying an impact breaks the ampoule, allowing the electrolyte to enter the cell, and the ampoule battery starts functioning.

VITZROCELL's ampoule batteries are also used in various electronic fuzes of smart ammunition,
boasting 100% reliability based on long-standing expertise and know-how.

  • Communication devices and optical equipment
  • Artillery guns, Gas masks, Metal detectors
  • Missiles, Projectiles, Rockets, Bombs, Torpedoes
  • Emergency escape systems
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Drones
  • Smart weapons
  • Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS)
  • Remote Anti-Armor Mine System (RAAMS)
  • Long-term storage capability (20 years or more)
  • High energy density
  • Wide operating temperature range (~40°C to 85°C)
  • High and stable operating voltage
  • High reliability and stability
  • Short activation time
  • Low self-discharge rate
  • Customized design to meet specific customer needs
  • Utilization of lithium technology