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Lithium Battery has higher voltage, wider temperature range, long time durability, higher energy density which make it available to use longer than other batteries, so there are huge demands as a power source for the industrial and home machinery.

But, Lithium Batter has an electrode material of the Lithium which has a big energy density which differs from a manganese or alkaline battery's one, so if it is used badly there could be an unexpected accident. So, this guideline is made to prevent the accident by applying a safety consideration to the design work of consisting a machine's circuit which uses the Lithium battery as a power source and to help users to use the Lithium battery more efficiently, and all the information is recommendations and not a mandatory.

f you would like to design a machine's circuit other than this guideline's recommendation of use method or use condition, or have a question of considerations, please consult with our company's technician.