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Cautions for disusing the Lithium Battery

  • If you are a general customer, could disuse with the same way of applying the general incombustible waste. But, the disusing method could be differed by the local governmental regulation.
  • If you are a business operator, the Lithium battery should be treated by a professional handling company with the service contract
  • If the unused electricity capacity would exist in the Lithium battery, there could be a risk of heat generation, breakage or fire by contacting to other metal parts when disusing the battery, so please insulate the Lithium battery’s positive and negative terminal with the tape like the diagram.
Mark and insulation example at the Lithium battery disusing situation

Warning! If you disuse the Lithium Battery with the wrong way, there could be a risk of heat generation, breakage or firing by a short, and that would cause the wound or fire generation.

When you disuse the battery
Please attach the 'insulation tape' 
on the positive and negative terminal 
of the Lithium battery like the diagram 
and disuse.