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Lithium Battery's characteristic

Because the Lithium Battery has the better performance as follows than the battery which uses the conventional aqueous solution (manganese dry cell, etc), so if you use the Lithium Battery’s characteristic accurately the design latitude could be expanded largely.

High Battery voltage
  • The Lithium Battery has a nominal voltage range of about 3V~3.6V which is almost doubled than a manganese dry cell.
  • So, you just need 1 Lithium Battery where 2 manganese dry cells are needed.
Light weight, High energy density
  • Because the Lithium metal is very light material and has a high energy density, you could use much longer than conventional batteries.
  • Usually, with the same battery weight, you could use 3-5 times longer than a manganese dry cell.
Operational ability in the low to high temperature range
  • It could be use in the wide range of low to high temperature
  • It uses the organic solvent as an electrolyte, so could be used in the colder or hotter condition than a manganese dry cell.
Better conservativeness
  • The performance is less weakened during the keeping period than a conventional one, you could use the battery with the better performance for a long time.
  • Because the self-discharge rate is 2% per year, so you could use the battery after long time of keeping.
Superior anti-leakage characteristic
  • Because the anode & cathode is separated with a Glass-to-Metal Seal and the electrolyte pouring inlet is welded completely, there is no leakage.
High Power Generation
  • Because the spiral(WOUND) structure could be applied, the high-current discharge could be avilable.


Voltage characteristic
Voltage characteristic
Energy density
Energy density
Storage performance
Storage performance
Usable temperature range
Usable temperature range

Energy density

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