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Based on the military type high-capacity and high-power Lithium primary battery technology, we have been developed the
industrial high-capacity/low-power output and high-temperature use Lithium primary battery, and also developed the hybrid type
battery of requiring the instantaneous high-current discharge which is used for the power source of the pulse device.

Industrial Lithium primary Battery
  • Bobbin Type Li/SOCI2 Battery development (Acquire the successful commercialization of the
    patent technology, bronze prize, 2002)   
  • High-temperature use Li/SOCI2 Battery development(150~200℃)
Pulse device use Lithium primary Battery
  • Hybrid(Li/SOCI2 Battery+super capacitor)type Battery development
  • Hybrid use super capacitor development(Governmental agency's medium enterprise technology
    development projects)

Application field

Industrial Lithium primary Battery
  • Memory back-up function for the pressure rice-cooker, etc
  • Various sensors
  • Security equipments
  • Various industrial equipments
Lithium primary battery for pulse devices
  • Automatic Meter Reading(AMR)
  • Highway toll automatic receipt machine
  • Container Tracking machine(GPS Function)