World Class Power Solution Provider


  • Smart Grid
  • Military System
  • Guided Missile, Torpedo, Decoy
  • Smart Ammunition
  • Ubiquitous
  • Oil & Gas industry
  • Ocean Equipment
  • Renewable Energy


Li/SOCI2 Battery

  • Bobbin
  • Spiral(Wound)
  • Hybrid(+EDLC)
  • High Temperature Battery(165℃)

Military Purpose Battery

  • Thermal
  • Ampoule


  • (Electrical Double Layer Capacitor)


  • (Redox Flow Battery for Energy Storage System)


Vitzrocell's primary lithium battery is widely used for smart meter market, and we have been exporting our products to more than 40conutries now.
It is characterized by high energy density, more 7 times than other batteries, low self-discharge rate that leads customers to use over 25 years.
Vitzrocell’s batteries are especially used as a power source of smart meter as the core area of the smart grid.
Smart meters for gas, water and heating that are being developed work electronically and require an independent power source.
Meters for electricity, gas, water or heating are classed as smart if they are designed such that consumption data is available to the user in real time,
and usage can be controlled economically.

And the hybrid types which are connected to EDLC is also available.

* Vitzrocell is the only company in the world developing and producing batteries and EDLC at the same time.

You can use our Li/SOCl2 Battery or Hybrid Type in this field.


  • Smart Meter (Electricity, Water, Gas)
  • Military Radio, Optical Device
  • Portable Medical Device
    (AED, Insulim Pump)
  • Oceanography Device
    (Buoy, Tsunami Detector)


  • Extensive Shelf Life(Over 10 Years)
  • High Energy Density
  • Wide Temperature Range(-40℃~ 85℃)
  • High and Stable Operating Voltage

(MWD, Measurement While Drilling / LWD, Logging While Drilling)

Vitzrocell’s high temperature batteries are used in devices that require high power demands under harsh usage condition (high shock and vibration).
These cells are typically used in extreme oil and gas extraction conditions where power cannot be interrupted.
The continuous addition of new high temperature battery to the company Product Lineup will help propel Vitzrocell into the industry leader within the next few years.

You can use our High Temperature Battery in this field.


  • MWD(Measurement While Drilling)
  • LWD (Logging While Drilling)
  • PIG(Pipeline Inspection Gauge)
  • Production Well Reserve Monitoring
  • Oceanography Device


  • Available Over Temperature 150℃ ~ 200℃
  • Very High Power and Energy Density
  • High and Stable Operating Voltage


When time and urgency is critical, Vitzrocell’s lightweight, compact batteries are field proven to deliver exceptional reliability and performance for
military applications from military communication equipments & optical devices to metal & chemical detector.

Vitzrocell’s military packs have been field-proven for over two decades as the best value in terms of long cycle life, cost savings, weight, size, efficiency
and reliability.

These advanced-technology batteries provide long storage life with virtually
instant power when needed and surpass strict military performance requirements.

You can use our Military Packs in this field.


  • Communication Devices
  • Optical Device
  • Gas Mask
  • Metal Detector


  • Extensive Shelf Life(Over 10 Years)
  • High Energy Density
  • Wide Temperature Range(-40℃~ -85℃)
  • High and Stable Operating Voltage