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EDLC(Electric double layer capacitor) is a next generation energy storage device whose lifespan is semi-permanent.
It has advantages of high energy density comparing conventional an electrolytic capacitor.

EDLC (Radial Type) is mainly used for memory back-up and assistance of high pulse for Smart meters (Electricity, Water, Gas, Heat), Black box, and other electronic devices.
EDLC (Lug Type) is mainly used for high pulse demand of wind blade’s pitch control and solar panel’s direction control.


  • Radial Type(1F~60F) : Smart Meter. Black Box, Memorial:Backup, Toy
  • Lug Type(100F~600F) : Solar, Wind Energy, UPS


  • High Power Density(Very Low ESR)
  • Long Cycle Life(Over 10 Years)
  • Wide Range Temperature Usage
  • Eco-Friendly
  • RoHS Complaint